Automatic Top Up using a Credit Card

2016-05-28 00:20

Automatic Top Up

Setting up auto top up functions gives you the ability to have control over your billing account. Using Tel2 you have four functions that you can enable to make sure you are always on top of your account.

Top Up settings: You can have your account automatically toped up when your balance drops below your nominated  top-up level (e.g. £50). At the end of your billing month we’ll top-up your account to the nominated top-up level, so you start each billing month with the nominated balance.

Notification Settings: You can have an email sent to you when your account falls below the threshold.

Auto debit: You can have you card charged for the recurring monthly charges.

Stored credit card information: Securely register your credit card details and nominate a top-up level (e.g. £50). Whenever your call credit drops below £5.00 we’ll top-up your account to the nominated top-up level, so you never run out of credit.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Auto Top Up Settings.

  1. Log into
  2. Select Account > Manage billing
  3. Click Automatically top up
  4. Add; Top up- amount,this is the amount that your account will get top up at each time an automatic top up occurs. 
  5. Click Update to save settings.
auto top up

Step 2: Notification settings

  1. Click Enable low credit warning emails, if you wish to enable this function.
  2. Add Notification threshold amount- when your account drops below this amount you will be sent an email notifying you. If you leave it at £0.00 your threshold has no limit.
  3. Click Update to save settings.
notification settings

Step 3: Auto Debit

  1. Click Automatically debit my account for upcoming account payments, if you wish to enable this setting.
  2. Click Save to save settings.
auto debit
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