Remote Dial Tone

2016-05-28 07:52

Remote Dial Tone

When you are out of the office and don’t want to make calls from the phone’s account you have with you, make the call through the CloudPBX account. Meaning the phone’s account you have with you doesn’t pay for the call but the CloudPBX account does. This is great if your overseas so that you don’t need to accrue the international calling rates on your phone.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Setting up Remote Dial Tone

  1. Log into > select number you wish to set up remote dial tone on.
  2. Select Settings > Advanced > Remote Dial tone.
  3. Click enable remote dial tone service.
  4. Choose remote dial tone service option.
  5. Select a PIN number.
  6. Click Save settings to update.

Step 2: Using Remote Dial Tone

  1. Call your CloudPBX number with a phone listed for Remote Dial Tone.
  2. Enter your PIN and wait for dial tone
  3. Make calls as usual.


Remote Dial Tone

NOTE: Calls made out to remote dial tone numbers are charged as outbound calls. You will need to ensure you have enough calling credit in your account to make the call.

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