Auto Attendant to a Call Queue

2016-05-29 05:31

Auto Attendant to a Call Queue

Solution Summary

The solution links the main office number to an Auto Attendant which links to a Call Queue following completion of the Auto Attendant greeting.

  • Auto Attendant: In this solution example the Auto Attendant has no other forwarding numbers (eg dial 1 for sales, 2. for support etc)
  • Forward: In this example once the Auto Attendant message completes we have set it to a Call Forward always which in turn directs it our Call Queue.
  • Call Queue: Call Queue’s require another system on-net number to operate.
auto attendant
call queue

Things to consider when setting up Call Flow

  • Call Flow Priority: All calls into our platform flow logically through a Call Flow priority. For example implementing Call Rejection as the highest priority will prevent any other feature from initiating such as Auto Attendant.
  • Internal Call transfers: Calling between numbers held on the account are classified as ‘on-net’ calls and are £0.00 rated (free). Any calls to off-net numbers such as mobile, premium or numbers held by other telcos are charged per your standard calling terms.
  • Internal Extn: Both the Auto Attendant and Call Queue require additional DID.
  • Testing: Spend a few minutes to incrementally building your Call Flow taking time to test each stage as you go. Using the sample Call Flow above first create your Auto Attendant linking simply linking to each number. Once you’ve got that going test each call flow as you build up your rules.
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