How to Setup Faxmail

2016-05-29 09:46

How to Setup Faxmail

Quick Guide – Sending a fax

Our fax-mail service allows “approved” email addresses to send faxes via our service. Before you can send or receive faxes follow the Quick Guide below to configure approved senders & receivers.

  • Fax type: We support PDF, JPEG, Postscript and Tiff attachment formats (sorry no MS Word docs)
  • Email address: [number]
  • Confirmation: We will send the approved sender a confirmation (see image below). NB – please allow 5-10 minutes for the confirmation.

If you rely on faxes as part of an emergency service or alternately have a business process dependent on a physical fax machine (for sending or receipt) we recommend retaining your legacy PSTN fax service.

Quick Guide – Configuring your vFax

Step 1: Fax Delivery Options

  1. Log into
  2. Select Account > Manage numbers.
  3. Click on the Fax line number > Faxmail Delivery Options
  4. Select 
  5. Specify the email address of approved vfax recipients. Note: Each additional email address must go on a new line.
  6. Click Save settings.

Step 2: Fax Sending Options

  1. Click Faxmail Sending Options
  2. Add and Optional fax verification phase. Approved Faxmail sender (eg can only be associated with a single fax number. This works by specify the alternate fax number/phase in the email Subject field. The Faxmail server will in turn present the specified Subject field fax number as your outgoing fax number. Call it CLI masking for faxing.
  3. Click Save settings to update.

Step 3: Do Not Disturb for Fax

  1. Click Dot Not Disturb for Fax
  2. Click Enable Do not Disturb for Fax Service
  3. OR Click Play a busy tone instead of diverting the caller to Faxmail, By default the fax would be delivered as an email attachment to the assigned email in the delivery option page of faxmail.
  4. Click Save settings to update.


Click here for a guide on our mail web site on how to use our Faxmail service.

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