Cisco SPA Phones – Manual Configuration

2016-05-29 08:21

Cisco SPA Phones– Manual Configuration

This knowledge base applies to phone admin manually configuring any of the Cisco SPA family of phones.

Quick Guide to Cisco SPA

Step One: Cisco SPA web UI

  • Retrieve the phones IP address > select the Settings button (page icon)
  • SPA 504 select Option 9 | Network >> Current IP.
  • SPA 525 select Settings | Status | Network Status >>IP Address.
  • Advanced settings: type admin/advanced to jump directly into the phone full admin access (see screen shot below).

Step Two: SIP Tab

Browse to the SIP Tab (see screen shot below).

  • SIP Timer Values: Set INVITE Expires to 240 and Reg Max Expires 600.NB – while our recommended settings for both are arbitrary, its important that you reduce them from the factory defaults of 3600 seconds which is way too long.

Step Three: Ext 1 Tab

You will use the Ext tabs to program each numbers (or extensions) onto your Cisco SPA handset.

Disabling unused Extensions

By default all Extension tabs are enabled on the Cisco SPA phones with the annoying consequence that the single number programmed against Ext 1 will populate across all other extension buttons on your handset (see example below). To prevent this behaviour simply disable any used Extensions.

3.1 SIP Settings

SIP Transport: TLS (if using UDP please use port 5060)

SIP Port: 5061 (UDP 5060)

3.2 Proxy and Registration


Outbound Proxy:

Prov_ext 1
Prov_ext 2
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