How do I configure Zoiper to connect to Tel2?

2016-06-29 05:49

Zoiper is a popular softphone which can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone.  To download the software visit:

Zoiper is compatible with Tel2 and is used today by many of our customers.  Configuration is straight-forward.  For generic SIP settings required to connect to our platform please see

At a basic level to get Zoiper to register to our platform open the Preferences and click on Accounts.  Then the settings you will need to enter will be:

  • Domain =
  • Username = <your phone number> (e.g. 442034567890)
  • Password = <your password> (by default the password you signed up with)
  • Caller ID Name = <your phone number> (e.g. 442034567890)
  • Auth. username = <your phone number> (e.g. 442034567890)
  • Use Outbound Proxy = ticked
  • Outbound Proxy =

The above settings should be enough to get you registered and making calls with Tel2.  There are of course many other settings you may wish to edit such as codec settings etc. but these are beyond the scope of this article.  If you have any further queries then contact our support team.

Below is a screenshot (from the Mac client) showing an example configuration for a Zoiper client:

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