SMS Gateway Instructions

2018-03-11 21:44

Tel2 offer an SMS gateway for customers who wish to send SMS messages either by using our email to SMS gateway or web service API.  Below are instructions on how to use this service.

Email to SMS gateway

1. Firstly you need to setup which email addresses are allowed to send SMS on your account or phone number.  To do this login to the Tel2 portal.  Click on the 'Cloud PBX' tab at the top of the page and then select the phone number you wish to bill your SMS messages against.  Next click on Advanced in the left menu and then select the 'SMS Features' sub-menu option

2. You can list one or many email addresses that are permitted to send SMS through the email gateway, putting each email address on a new line.  You can also optionally enter a passphrase to increase security.  This passphrase needs to be included in the subject line when sending your SMS emails and will automatically be removed from the SMS when it is sent out.

3. Once you have defined the email addresses allowed to send SMS messages and optionally set a passphrase you can simply send an email from one of those allowed email addresses to a mobile phone number of your choice.  The Subject line and Body of the email will be added together to make up the complete SMS message.  If you do not want the subject line to be included in the SMS message then leave this blank.  You need to send your email message as follows:


The Phone number needs to be in full country code + number format.  For example 44777456789 for a UK mobile.  64212345678 for an NZ mobile etc.  By default if you exclude the country code and send as 0777456789 for example then we will assume that the UK is the destination for your SMS message.  Outside the UK however you will always need to include the country code.  To avoid confusion it is best to always include the country code anyway.

For example if you wanted to send and SMS saying "Hello there how are you today?" to a UK mobile number 077723456789 then you would send your email as follows:



Subject: Hello there

Body: how are you today?

SMS messages are restricted in length to 160 characters so you need to ensure the length is less than this limit or it will be trimmed.  To send more characters you will need to split up your message into multiple email messages (just like Twitter!)

SMS messages will be automatically billed against your account at the appropriate rates.  See our rates page for details on the cost of SMS messages.


SMS API Instructions

Alternatively if you do not wish to use our email gateway to send SMS messages then you can use our SMS API.  This is more useful for web developers who wish to build this logic in their own code.


POST Variables (GET is also supported):

username:  <Tel2 Phone Number>  (e.g. 441254488770)

password:  <Tel2 Phone Password>  (e.g. test1234)

destination:  <Destination Phone Number>  (e.g. 447776222101)

message:  <Text you wish to trasmit as SMS body>


Success RETURN Values:

0:1 SMS successfully queued

Failure RETURN Values:

2:0 Authentication error
3:0 Destination number(s) error
4:0 Message error

If you have any questions about our SMS API then please contact our support team.

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