Cloud PBX Numbers Settings

2016-05-28 08:34

Cloud PBX numbers settings

As the name suggest Line Number Select is the key admin tool for accessing individual numbers on your account. Additionally you can use Line Number Select to enable/disable all account numbers, restrict lines and set passwords and Caller IDs, create extension numbers and finally control a number of additional security features and settings.


Use Line Number Select to first enable phonesset passwords and control access to the following:

  • Line Groups (see below)
  • Customer line
  • Line password
  • Call ID – user name
  • Extension number
  • Allow one number
  • Allow remote dialtone
  • Allow PIN Code service
  • Allow auto attend
  • Allow conferencing
  • Allow music upload
  • Allow quality option
  • Allow call recording
  • Enable SIP trunk – set trunk IP

How to Use Lines Administration

  1. Log in to 
  2. Select Cloud PBX
  3. Click on the line you want to adjust, and make changes
  4. Click Save Changes

Call logs, or call data records (CDR), are free with all accounts.

lines administration

Restricting a Line

Restricting a line enables an individual user to login and manage their own line without having to grant that user access to the entire account. Once a line is restricted the user cannot access billing information or the admin panel.

manage my numbers

Line Groups

If you are in a larger organisation, or a company split across multiple offices use the Line Group ID feature to create individual offices or departments. In the example below we have created three separate departments for Sales, IT and Accounts. Now anyone within these groups can create their own extension numbers unique to that department. Another example is where you can hear one of your colleagues phone ringing with the ability to hit the *.88 pickup key and not risk picking up a call from team member outside of this office or group.

manage lines
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